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Beginnings and Beyond Preschools

Author: Ma. Alicia Bustos-Orosa

Copyright: 2002

Preschool A-C


  • Uses a uniform set of themes on every preschool level, from which lessons and activities targeting skills are built.
  • Responds to the development of the total child!
  • Follows the integrated thematic approach, enabling preschoolers to establish meaningful relationships among concepts in different subject areas and not simply acquire quantities of unrelated facts.
  • Facilitates hands-on learning, with objects to manipulate through various activities such as cut-and-paste.
  • Uses themes familiar to preschoolers such as self, family, friends, foods, toys, games, school, animals/pets, community, environment, senses, and occasions.
  • Features illustrations intentionally modeled after children's drawings in order for preschoolers to easily relate with each lesson; and once they deemed them to be works of children their age, be encouraged to draw.
  • Reading and Language skillbooks build up the basic literacy skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Each book covers reading comprehension, language skills, reading readiness skills, and phonetic analysis. The books employ phonics in teaching beginning reading.
  • Math and Critical Thinking skillbooks teach colors, shapes, positions, sizes, lengths, heights, sets, numbers, addition and subtraction readiness, time, and money. The books also enhance preschoolers' critical thinking with activities on pattern recognition and completion, parts and wholes, and sorting. They recognize the importance of drills in facilitating the pupils' mastery of mathematical concepts.
  • Writing skillbooks begin with exercises on writing readiness and move on to more structured and formal writing activities. The books' lesson sequence is based on a progression of developmental skills in writing-prewriting exercises using crayon; prewriting strokes; writing letters, writing letters; writing numerals; writing activities on shapes, names, and words; and writing letters, words, phrases, and sentences.
  • Art and Creativity skillbooks sharpen preschoolers' visual and tactile perception with activities on lines, colors, shapes, and textures. They encourage creative expression and aesthetic appreciation with emphasis on the beauty of the environment. The books touch on media, materials, and processes.


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