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Christian Life Education High School Series

Author: Fr. Joseph Roche, SJ

Project Director: Carmela Oracion

Project Manager: Ester Verzosa-Frago

Coordinators/Authors: Benjamin Salvosa III, Mercy Nabong-de Guia, Josephine Dango, Noel Miranda,Philip Javier III, and Dolly Ducepec

Copyright: 2005

Levels I-IV


  • Goes beyond being learner-centered as it responds to how students personally carry out the learning process through its emphasis on the practical relevance and application of the theological lessons to the Filipino's life of faith
  • Presents the Good News in its threefold dimenson of doctrine, morals, and worship
  • Draws its doctrinal bases from the latest official national and universal sources on catechesis and religious education: Revised National Catechetical Directory for the Philippines, Catechetical for Filipino Catholics, Catechism of the Catholic Church and the General Directory for Catechesis
  • Ensures soundness of Catholic teachings as it bears a nilhil obstat and an imprimatur from the Episcopal Commission on Catechesis and Catholic Education
  • Fosters the progressive development of students' spiritual formation as reflected by the themes of its textbooks as follows:
    • Called to Discover Our Christian Roots calls high school freshmen into a relationship and friendship with God using narratives from the Old Testament
    • Called to Meet Christ in Scripture, Church, and Sacraments leads sophomores to a deeper knowledge of Jesus Christ through the gospels and books in the New Testament and through the sacraments
    • Called to Follow Christ in True Freedom focuses on Christian moral discipleship
    • Called to Build a Just Society tackles Christian stewardship taking on a full authentic Catholic social moral stance


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