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Christian Life Education Series, 2nd Ed.

Author : Joseph Roche, SJ

Project Director:Florencio Cuerquis, SJ

Project Manager: Diana Sales

Coordinator: Araceli Abando, Ma. Resurreccion Alejo, Ma. Victoria Dimalanta, Ester Frago, Ester Oledan, Nona Peralta, Arnold Regino, Remedios Rivera, Antonio Rosana, Jr., and Ma. Loreto Villanueva

Copyright: 2001

Prep and Grades 1-7


  • Approaches the teaching of the Catholic Faith via its essential threefold nature: doctrine (what we believe), morals (how we act), and worship (how we pray), following the guidelines of the National Catechetical Directory for the Philippines.
  • Interestingly weaves colorful and heartwarming lessons on God's gifts as manifested in nature, one's self, people, and Jesus Christ.
  • Emphasizes experiential learning through engrossing activities and exercises that cement pupils' knowledge in religion.
  • Supplies the need for an up-to-date religion program as it resonates new teaching materials from the Second Plenary Council of the Philippines.
  • Incorporates doctrines and lessons from the Vatican-approved sources of catechism, namely, the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Catechism for Filipino Catholics.
  • Draws its content from the three Catholic sources: Scriptures, Church teachings, and daily human experiences.


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