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Creative Writing

Author: Elanor Eme E. Hermosa

Copyright: 2000


  • Springs from a 22-year-old Communication Arts-English elective course and the authors' 24-year teaching experience, ensuring the program's reliability.
  • Refines high schoolers' communication skills in English and develops their creative imagination.
  • Provides ample opportunities for students to express their thoughts and feelings; recall, analyze, and record their experiences; and articulate their dreams and aspirations as Filipino students.
  • Builds on the language skills students learned in their earlier years through studies of varied and imaginative examples, exercises, and interaction with teachers and peers, nurturing their creativity and confidence in the use of the English language.
  • Enriches students' vocabulary of literary terms through a glossary at the end of the book.
  • Includes a varietyof materials such as newspaper articles, pictures, cartoons, comic strips, reproductions of paintings, lyrics of songs, English and American poetry, and excerpts from Filipino short stories in English.
  • Uses a delivery system which borrows strategies from the related arts, namely, mini-lectures, small-group discussions, oral and interpretive reading, singing, dancing, changing the form of a material from visual to performance and from print to nonprint, drawing, poster-making, among others.
  • Culminates in a unit where students are requested to share their story to an audience, giving students a sense of achievement and feeling of fulfillment from creating their own literary masterpieces.


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