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Exercises for Better Penmanship

Author - Margarita Hamada

Copyright: 2001

For Grades 1-4 (2nd ed.); Grades 5-6 (1st ed.)


  • Includes two new books for grades five and six to accommodate new drills and illustrations.
  • Provides warm-up exercises to set pupils about tackling the lessons and doing more challenging writing activities with confidence.
  • Develops grade-schoolers' legible penmanship while equipping them with knowledge and skills in the alphabet, grammar, spelling, simple composition, basic number concepts and operations, and civics and culture.
  • Contains activities that encourage self-expression among pupils.
  • Makes for a well-planned and mastery-oriented program in writing as it offers review, persistent practice, and practical application of skills in writing.
  • Challenges pupils' speed in writing through drills on dictation, without compromising goals for neatness and legibility.
  • Displays increasing level of difficulty in the system of instruction as pupils move from one grade level to another.


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