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Author: Melecio Deauna

Copyright: 2004

Level III


  • Conforms to the competencies of the DepEd's new curriculum in math that follows the linear approach.
  • Offers a conceptual approach in the study of geometry, providing thorough, relevant, and detailed discussions of theories and principles.
  • Enhances students' skills in performing mathematical operations in geometry through the section review Exercises for Meaningful Learning .
  • Integrates concepts from the other branches of mathematics and other subject areas, such as science, geography, business, economics, and history (e. g., the integration of algebra and geometry was highlighted in the lesson on coordinate geometry).
  • Follows a developmental presentation of concepts, beginning with the basic geometric ideas and on to more complex topics, such as coordinate geometry.
  • Facilitates checking of students' comprehension with the section Questions for Conceptual Understanding .
  • Hones one's analytical skills in solving complex problems to challenge the talented students and motivate the slower ones in A Challenge to Your Thinking Skills.
  • Heightens students' enthusiasm for and enriches their learning in geometry through interesting math trivia in Did You Know That.? and more exercises in Try This and Investigate.
  • Provides valuable study-helps such as summary of terms, definition of concepts, chapter test, and glossary.


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