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Good Manners and Right Conduct

Author: Juanita Guerrero

Coordinators: Estelita Abana, Maria Cusipag, and Juanita Guerrero


Grades 1-6


  • Primarily aims at building pupils' good character, teaching them to judge what is right and to do what they believe is right.
  • Places emphasis on operative values or values in action, aiming to transform values into virtues and virtues into character through numerous activities for application.
  • Follows and integrated format in developing character which is a fusion of three interrelated parts-moral knowing, moral feeling, and moral behavior-involving habits of the mind, heart, and action.
  • Includes numerous add-on activities in case children learn the lessons fast enough and a need for more activities arises.
  • Develops universal values such as cleanliness, kindness, patience, love for the family, care for other people, and courteousness and respect.
  • Promotes nationalism/patriotism and anchors lessons on respected Philippine traditions and customs.
  • Includes lessons on strengthening faith in and love for God.
  • Exposes pupils to numerous and repeated experiences in doing and applying the values learned.
  • Provides pupils with opportunities to validate their own value system as they interact with their classmates and express their opinions, views, and reactions to certain situations.
  • Established school-home-community connections to ensure reinforcement of values learned in the classroom.


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