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Hands-On Math

Author: Milna Reyes

Coordinators: Rosalinda Cupcupin and Msgr. Gerardo Santos

Project Managers: Sr. Leonila Jimenez, Myrna Alejandro, Jovita Cortez, Josefina delos Santos, Susan Galapin, eledonia Hermano, Rodelia Mariano, and Rosita Perez


Grades 1-6


  • Adheres to the need analysis theory as it provides exercises that reveal and answer the learning needs of fast, average, and slow learners.
  • Allows pupils to learn at their own pace and become self-directed learners as they move from one exercise to another based on their score in the previous exercise.
  • Develops learners' computing, estimating, communicating, critical and analytical thinking, and problem-solving tkills; and facilitates their application in daily life.
  • Follows a developmental approach to teaching and learning math as demonstrated in the orderly progression of skills as developed in the exercises.
  • Develops in pupils a love for the subject as it allows them to experience success in learning mathematics by themselves.
  • Hones pupils' critical thinking skills with challenging lessons on patterns.
  • Also promotes values of honesty, humily, truthfulness, patience, perseverance, and self-confidence as they check their own answers using the Key to Correction.
  • Gives the parents the chance to monitor their children's performance in math by signing at the end of each exercise and studying the progress chart at the back of the book; and encourages close coordination between parents and teachers.
  • Offers multilevel and multipurpose materials that may serve as diagnostic tests, reinforcement exercises, remedial exercises, reviewers, or group exercises.


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