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High School Physics

Author: Vivencion Abastillas, Jr.

Copyright: 2003

High School


  • Provides a solid physics foundation for future scientists and engineers!
  • Aims not only to teach the basic concepts of physics but also to promote a better understanding of its laws and principles and their relevance to the students' lives.
  • Links physics lesson to the students' every day lives through realistic examples, questions, and problems.
  • Covers both classical and modern physics.
  • Provides with students step-by-step guide and trip in solving physics problems which is the key to learning physics.
  • Contains problems that help in developing students' critical and analytical skills.
  • Emphasizes not only the fundamental concepts and basic principle of physics but also the unity physics laws.
  • Pictures physics as a human activity, a science based on the efforts of men and women struggling to unfold the secrets of nature.
  • Can also be used for a one-or-two-semester introductory college physics course. Students need only basic algebra to understand the lessons.
  • Showcases the instructional techniques called from the many years of experience in teaching physics of the author, a leading physics expert-educator and scientist


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