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Journalism for Filipino Students

Authors: Ma. Theresa de Villa and Lourdes Baetiong

Copyright: 2000


  • Sharpens students' journalistic skills.
  • Helps students learn not only basics of journalism but also the importance of responsible journalism and relevant mass media on the Filipino consciousness.
  • Develops the students' awareness of their role as campus journalists.
  • Helps students to realize their responsibility in making the school population understand the significance of both national and international issues that affect their lives.
  • Familiarizes students with the history of Philippine mass media.
  • Develops skills in writing news, editorial, sports, and feature articles; investigative reporting; layout design; photojournalism; and proofreading and editing.
  • Promotes campus journalism through the production of a well-planned school paper.
  • Answers the need for a basic journalism textbook for use of both the neophyte and seasoned teachers, serving as a standard manual for the former and a book to simplify and direct classroom activities for the latter.
  • Trains students to become critical mass media consumers-able to examine, analyze, and suggest improvements on a given published work.
  • Emphasizes the responsibility of conscientious journalists. It even has a whole lesson devoted on the Journalist's Code of Ethics .


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