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Lessons for Young Achievers

Coordinator-Author: Lalaine Yanilla-Aquino

Authors: Olivia Rieza, Geraldine Joan Leones, and Cynthia Lopez

Copyright: 2002

Preschool A-C


  • Provides a complete curriculum for your preschoolers' impressive beginning learning experience.
  • Facilitates the natural integration of the different subject areas in each book of the series, thus either the complete package or the individual books can be adopted.
  • Abound in fun-filled exercises to help learners discover and develop their intelligence and potential.
  • Prepares pupils for entrance examinations in big and private schools with the addition of the revolutionary IQ books titled Learning How to Think .
  • Presents lessons rich in Christian values to help pupils become better and responsible individuals.
  • Contains carefully selected activities that preschoolers will enjoy doing in school or at home.
  • English for Young Achievers builds up skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, It sets up as strong foundation for the pupils' communicative competence through dialogs.
  • Before I Can Read and Write , Beginning to Read and Write , and Learning to Read and Write serve as a powerful literacy program that introduces pupils to the wonderful world of words.
  • Math for Young Achievers equips pupils with number readiness and skills in counting from zero to one hundred, addition, subtraction, fraction, problem solving, among others.
  • Learning How to Think promotes preschoolers' logical, critical, imaginative, and creative thinking skills through well-crafted exercises that improve their IQ.


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