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Literature in Focus

Author/Coordinator: Carolina Rionda

Authors: Rosario Alonzo, Annie Meņez, and Perla Villamarzo

Copyright: 1999

For Levels I-IV


  • The literature series designed and developed specifically for Filipino high school students!
  • Contains original literary texts, either in their entirety or in the most allowable substantial length, such as short stories, essays, poems, short novels, short plays, legends, biographies, autobiographies, fables, etc.
  • Employs the stylistics or the linguistic approach to the study of literary texts. The activities are therefore designed to teach both language and literary competencies. The use of linguistic models as preliminary activities enables the students to appreciate and distinguish true literature from mere text or story line.
  • Provides opportunities for the students to develop various skills such as contextualization, critical thinking, decision making, and even writing and speaking. Indeed student-centered lessons!
  • Serves to deepen the students' awareness of themselves by asking them their personal insights on each selection through the enrichment exercises.
  • Facilitates easy understanding of the selections without the monotony of lengthy reading.
  • Enriches students' emotional and intellectual experiences.
  • Makes it easy for high schoolers to understand the literary selections through the anticipation or prediction exercises provided before the selections.
  • Offers varied activities to facilitate understanding.


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