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My Book of Numbers

Author: Chita Rebollido-Millan

Copyright: 2004

Preschool A-C


  • Tackles the basic concepts in math such as colors, shapes, sizes, positions and dsitances, sequences, patterns and sets, numbers from 1 to 100, time, money, fractions, and addtion and subtraction.
  • Encourages pupils to learn numbers from 1 to 100 by heart through exercises on how to read, write, and order numbers; count; and skip count.
  • Offers a developmentally appropriate worktext with just the right amount of text, and lessons in graded difficulty.
  • Incorporates competencies prescribed by DepEd plus add-ons like skip counting, fraction, and mass.
  • Introduces pupils in executing basic operations of addition and subtraction with the aid of illustrations to facilitate solving of number sentences.
  • Hones pupils' critical thinking skills with challenging lessons on patterns.
  • Every page bursts with large appealing drawings sure to capture your preschoolers' eyes and interest as well as facilitate discover of mathematicsal facts and operations.


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