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Mastering Intermediate Algebra

Project Director/Author: Simon Chua

Authors: Benson Tan, Roberto Degolacion, and Ma. Salome Aguinaldo

Contributing Author: Ruben Angeles

Copyright: 2005

Level II


  • Follows the linear-sequential approach of the 2002 BEC
  • Includes a review of basic algebraic concepts providing an easy transition to new and advanced algebra lessons
  • Trains learners in mental math through the items in Estimation Skills
  • Abounds in examples, exercises, and pointers on tackling challenging problems
  • Highlights must-remember algebraic concepts, formulas, and algorithms by placing them in a box
  • Reinforces students' higher order thinking skills through exercises in Thinking Critically and Writing in Mathematics
  • Enriches study of algebra with additional information on the lives of mathematicians and application of algebraic principles in other disciplines and in technology


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