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Milestone in Reading

Author-Coordinator: Milagros Borabo

Authors: Gloria Achacoso, Milagros dela Cruz, Vivien Carmona-Banzuelo, Evelyn Cancio-Garcia, Juanita Malijan, Milagros Tadeo, Virginia Sobredo-Elemento, and Ma. Christina Battung-Advincula

Copyright: 2004

For Preschool A-C; Grades 1-7


  • Works successfully in developing the pupils' reading skills alongside the nine types of intelligence, namely, linguistic, logical, spatial, musical, kinesthetic, intrapersonal, interpersonal, naturalist, and existentialist.
  • Organizes unique ideas and novel strategies that maximize reading progress and learning opportunities for grade school pupils!
  • Offers numerous games and exercises, study aids, and lesson samplers to ensure mastery of reading skills.
  • Introduces a new multipurpose innovation in reading-the word bank . It aids in the word power and oral speech development of the pupils, and instills the habit of consulting the dictionary for unfamiliar words. The word bank provides vocabulary improvement exercises that may be done individually or in pairs and may form part of the pupils' daily assignment or enrichment activities.
  • Optimizes the use of visual organizers. Lessons are enriched with graphic organizers, visual representations, and diagrams to bring about better comprehension and greater interest in reading.
  • Utilizes a theme-based instruction for multidisciplinary learning. Each of the four units in the worktexts revolves around a common theme that supports and complements other learning areas such as sibika at kultura and HeKaSi , CLE, GMRC, music and arts, environment, and science and technology.
  • Confers awards of merit! Every worktext has a built-in certificate of recognition that can be given to pupils at the end of the school year to motivate and acknowledge their advancement in reading


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