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Making Reading Easy

Author-Coordinator: Purificacion Escriba

Consultant: Ma. Nicena Dionaldo

Authors: Maria Salome Bernas, Merlinda Lagahit, Sofia Palmares, Annabelle Sanchez, Ana Maria Rosa Silva, and Rosanna Vital

Copyright: 2000

Preschool A-C


  • Develops and enhances preschoolers' reading skills.
  • Employs the communicative competence and discovery approaches to ensure use of the English language in real-life communication situations.
  • Helps pupils to recognize the letters of the alphabet and associate pictures with letter sounds.
  • Acquaints pupils with a wide range of vocabulary that includes words with long vowel sounds.
  • Assists learners to master reading words with blends and short vowel sounds.
  • Tackles words with diphthongs and silent letters that are introduced to make the activities more challenging.
  • Builds up writing skills. Reinforcing them through bountiful exercises in tracing lines; connecting dots; and copying letters, words, and sentences.
  • Leads young readers to enjoya variety of short stories and read these with fluency and comprehension.
  • Teachers the preschoolers how to spell short and simple words through supply-the-missing-letter and unscramble-the-letters exercises.


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