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Our Nation, Our World

Coordinators-Authors: Virginia Floresca-Cawagas and Toh Swee-Hin

Authors: Johnson Aspacio, Laz' Andre Cawagas, Ernesto Cloma, Yolanda Hernandez, and Teresita Pedrajas

Copyright: 2004

Grades 1-6


  • Deepens pupils' knowledge and consciousness of our historical roots, identity as a people, geography, and rich culture.
  • Acquaints pupils withtheir rights and duties as well as responsibilities as Filipinos.
  • Exhibits sensitivity in dealing with cultural diversity.
  • Promotes the values of environmental protection, justice, compassion, sharing, and hope, linking well-being with civics and culture.
  • Includes interesting stories that magnify the human interest side of history.
  • Discusses the different issues, ideas, and problems being faced by the Philippine society.
  • Touches on peace, environmental, and human rights eduction.
  • Uses different methods that encourage students' active participation in learning, e.g., singing, dancing, role-playing, group discussion, case study, public form, and interview.
  • Encourages reflective thinking and critical understanding through a journal at the end of every lesson and through several guide questions in Unit Reflections.


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