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People, Places and Events in the Philippines

Coordinator-Author: Carolina Danao

Authors: Zenaida Agbon, Adoracion Ahito, Johnson Aspacio, Estelita Coronado, Merlinda Lagahit, Ma. Stella Lizardo, Aurelia Molave, at Leticia Nerona

Copyright: 2000

Grades 1-6


  • Responds to civics and culture teachers' clamor for a series that is written in easy-to understand English.
  • Clearly defines at the start the learning tasks that grade-schoolers will encounter and the competencies they should manifest, involving teachers and parents in these tasks as well.
  • Provides pupils with the various opportunities to become critical and creative thinkers as they learn concepts in civics and culture and Philippine history and geography.
  • Presents a comprehensive and accurate account of the history and geography of the Philippines written from the Filipino authors' perspective.
  • Tackles significant events and happenings not only in the Philippines but in the other parts of the globe as well.
  • Offers numerous activities that involve interaction in small and big groups employing the cooperative learning approach.
  • Provides more than enough lessons for a 220-day school calendar.
  • Lends a rigorous training of pupils' critical and creative thinking skills through questions and activities at the end of the lessons.
  • Stirs interest through exciting visuals and easy-on-the-eyes layout. A whole-page picture for every lesson serves as venue for analysis and processing of civics and culture lessons.


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