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Phonics/Word Study

Authors: Elwell, Murray, Kucia, and Evelyn Salazar

Copyright: 2000

For Kinder;Grades 1-6


  • The phonics authority in the United States is now adapted to the needs of Filipino teachers and learners!
  • Provides a thorough and skills-oriented program that helps pupils gain the skills they need to read competently and become independent learners.
  • Complements and enriches any reading approach or basal program to complete the existing decoding curriculum.
  • Addresses the individual style and needs of every pupil through a variety of activities and exercises.
  • Provides a wide range of learning experiences to help pupils learn English as a second language (ESL).
  • Integrates teaching different communication skills, and emphasizes the connection between reading and writing through tons of writing tips and practice.
  • Phonics for kinder and the primary levels (Grades 1-3) gives pupils a good head start in reading with plenty of exercises that develop auditory discrimination and sound/symbol recognition. The creative exercises immerse pupils in the English language through varied and integrated techniques that make learning more impressive and easy.
  • Word Study for the intermediate levels (Grades 4-6) helps pupils gain optimum learning success through extensive vocabulary building and word study skills development


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