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Reading Network

Authors/Coordinators: Marietta Reyes-Oter and Delia Hamoy Soro

Authors:- Ma. Cecilia Crudo, Melanie Maminta-Donkor, Violeta Tandoc, and Ma. Lourdes Vargas

Copyright: 2000

For Grades 1-6


  • Engages the readers' attention through the interactive approach where they are involved in the process of extracting the meaning of a printed text, consequently developing specific reading skills among pupils such as getting the meaning of words through context clues, noting details, identifying main ideas, inferring, describing, predicting outcomes, establishing relationships, and the like.
  • Adheres to the schema theory by associating new information with existing knowledge to facilitate the development of the pupils' reading comprehension skills. Thus the reading materials relate familiar themes and/or situations to which the graders might have been exposed.
  • Assists pupils to learn English as a Second Language (ESL) through the communicative competence principle where language functions as the medium, not the object, of instruction.
  • Promotes cognitive academic language proficiency (CALP) or the development of higher-order thinking skills that can help second-language pupils excel in other subject areas. To effectively promote such language expertise, the engrossing activities require and hone academic skills in comparing and contrasting, establishing cause-effect relationships, and answering high-level questions.


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