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SIBS Communication Arts Series

Coordinator/Author: Avelina Gil

Authors: Marietta Aguado, Ma. Evalou Concepcion Angoluan, Aurora Koppin, Marla Papango, Carleen Sedilla, and Araceli Villamin

Copyright: 2004

Levels I-IV


  • Offers well-designed lessons each beginning with a literary selection-a story, a poem, an essay, or a play, or a cartoon which serves as a springboard for activities that seek to enhance the English competencies set by the Department of Education
  • Promotes effective communication skills by using operational and interactive exercises classified into four groups, namely, (1)listening and speaking, (2)language and grammar, (3)reading and literary appreciation, and (4)writing and spelling
  • Lines up choice literary selections that are sure to pique and satisfy Filipino teenagers' interest
  • Provides student-centered activities specially crafted to set the communication skills into practice and allow skills mastery
  • Affords students ease in the give-and-take of formal and informal speeches in English and the capacity to read and write in the language with skill and confidence
  • Follows the P4 Paradigm (Preparation-Presentation-Practice-Performance) for a more organized and guided monitoring of students' progress


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