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Science for Active Learning

Coordinator-Author: Teresita Religioso

Consultant: Alan Cross

Authors: Regina Capili, Mary Jane Cruz, Imelda Fernando, Rodante Flores, Amelia Mapa, Delia Navaza, Ma. Lorrainnie Zarcal, Lilia Vengco, and Ma. Rosario Marasigan

Copyright: 1999

Preschool A-C; Grades 1-7


  • The country's first interactive science program!
  • Introduces two modern strategies in science education: 1. design and technology (D and T) which engages pupils in designing and creating models, system, or procedures in exploring the principles of science; and 2. concept mapping which involves linking the relationships of various concepts through visual representation.
  • Allows learners to recognize and experience the interplay of science and technology.
  • Promotes science as a relevant and interesting activity for all types of learners by incorporating art, poems, and songs into the lessons.
  • Ensures the interaction of pupils' minds and hands in discovering scientific phenomena and processes through D and T activities that also enhance their creative skills.
  • Supports holistic learning by integrating concepts in language, social studies, values education with science ideas.


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