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Science In Today's World

Coordinator-Author: Rosario Laurel-Sotto

Authors: Gloria Follosco and Adora Soriano-Pili

Copyright: 2006

Levels I, II, III, IV


  • Offers comprehensive curricula in integrated science, chemistry, and physics
  • Develops students' creative and critical thinking skills through numerous hands-on and minds-on activities in science
  • Provides numerous opportunities that orient students on how real scientists work, developing in them the different science process skills and sound scientific attitudes
  • Updates students on the latest developments in the field of science and technology, stressing the applications of scientific principles to life
  • Imbues students with values that flow naturally from the study of science, such as concern for the environment and vigilance of the pros and cons of certain advancements and issues in various science disciplines
  • Remains true to the quantitative nature of science by explaining scientific concepts and laws in terms of mathematica formulas and through problem solving
  • Use the proven methods in effective science educations-expository, discovery, inductive, and constructivist


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