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Science Plus More

Author-Coordinator: Salvacion Dorado

Authors: Mayflor Mantua, Fe Filio, Alona Ledesma, Esmeraldo Samano, Joy Apostol, Marie Paz Morales, Alma Nacua, Anthony Lee, Rebecca Nueva Espaņa, Florenda Santiago, Roima Lim, Antriman Orleans, and Olivia Ungson


Grades 1-7


  • Provides a balanced combination of discussions, exercises, activities, and experiments to equip pupils with a sold base of science concepts, skills, and values
  • Offers a multi-strategy approach to teaching science, featuring various approaches and methods like experiential, inductive, hands-on learning, cooperative learning, and active learning
  • Follows a research-based pupil-centered philosophy crafting a rich and learner-appropriate basic science program, teaching science to the level of the learners without frustrating their curiosity and curtailing the challenge offered by the subject
  • Satisfies pupils' innate curiosity and stirs their excitement for discovery through enjoyable hands-on and interactive activities and exercises
  • Allows pupils to employ their mathematical, artistic, and creative skills in learning science as the series integrates concepts from other subjects such as English, math, social studies, music, and art
  • Attends to the needs of both slow learners and gifted pupils by offering them reinforcement activities and enrichment activities, respectively


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