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Understanding Elementary AlgebraSeries

Title: SIBS Progressive Mathematics Series

Project Director-Author: Simon Chua

Authors: Andrew del Mundo and Josephine Lorenzo-Sy Tan

Copyright: 2004

Level I


  • Lays a solid foundation in elementary algebra as it teaches essential concepts of the subject using clear and simple language.
  • Facilities students' easy identification of algebraic concepts, formulas, and algorithms as they are enclosed in a box.
  • Features a section called A World of Caution that identifies common algebraic errors to help students avoid common mistakes when solving algebraic problems or equations.
  • Offers exercises that range from warm-up drills progressively increasing in difficulty so that the slow learners may gain confidence in tackling complex items.
  • Presents interesting exercises that apply to real-life situations to make discussions more enjoyable and comprehensible and to ensure a relevant, modern, and interesting math education.
  • Caters to a wide range of learning types and abilities of students.


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