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Write Smart

Author - Margarita Ventenilla-Hamada

Copyright: 2004

Preschool A-C


  • Teaches pupils to learn to the point of mastery how to encode letters, words, sentences, and numerals through repetitive drawing, coloring, tracing, copying, and other activities that seem more like play than writing drills.
  • Introduces pupils to the major prewriting strokes-straight, oblique, and circular-presenting them as elements of attractive pictures to make writing an enjoyable activity.
  • Aids in developing pupils' vocabulary with writing exercises on the alphabet accompanied by numerous pictures of objects whose name with begin the letters they are writing.
  • Provides sufficient guides-broken lines, dots, arrows, and numbered strokes-to help preschoolers practice and master their writing skill.
  • Comes with a set of comprehensive teachers guides.
  • Abides by a systematic progression of skills as lessons are arranged from easy to difficult across lesson and across levels.
  • Workbook A starts of with drills on prewriting strokes and gives introductory lessons on writing the alphabet. Nursery pupils use a crayon as their first writing instrument and write on boxes instead of on lines for more leeway for writing errors.
  • Workbook B hones kindergartners' skills in writing letters, numerals, words, names and dates, and even sentences using crayons of different colors on sets of blue-andred lines.
  • Workbook C reinforces the skills learned in the earlier levels and teaches prep pupils how to write on sets of blue-and-red lines using a fat pencil.


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