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Mastering Intermediate Algebra Boosts your students' mastery of basic algebraic concepts through a thorough and relevant textbook in intermediate algebra!
Realistic Math Delights pupils with discoveries of the concepts linked to the real world!
My Book of Numbers Launches preschoolers' number readiness with a delightful and thoughtful beginning math program!
Geometry Proves the efficacy of geometry in daily life with comprehensive and contextual coverage of its concepts and competencies!
Understanding Elementary AlgebraSeries

Title: SIBS Progressive Mathematics Series Provides you students easy access into the world of algebraic operations and equations!

Today's Math, 3rd Ed. Advances pupils' knowledge of the basic mathematical concepts and its application to real-leaf situations!
Introduction to Analytic Geometry Helps your students learn analytic geometry and calculus the easy way!
Basic Trigonometry for Secondary Schools Provides your students with a revolutionary and practical approach to the study of trigonometry!
Hands-On Math Advances pupils' numerical competence with exercises that correspond to their individual learning needs!


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