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SIBS Publishing House, Inc. is a part of the Sibal group of companies which includes Phoenix Publishing House, Inc. Acknowledged as a highly esteemed publisher of quality textbooks in the new millennium, SIBS provides teachers and schools with educational materials and services that enforce high impact learning among students. .... MORE


Our Nation Our World
(Grades 1-6)

Awakens pupils' sense of nationalistic pride, identity, and loyalty through an introspective study of civics and culture!

Author: Virginia Floresca-Cawagas
Toh Swee-Hin, Johnson Aspacio, Laz' Andre Cawagas , Rolanda Dy, Ernesto Cloma, Yolanda Hernandez, Teresita Pedrajas

Leads students to live out their Catholic Faith through its learning-centered approach!

Authors: Fr. Joseph Roche, SJ
Project Director:Carmela Oracion
Project Manager: Ester Verzosa-Frago Coordinator/Author: Benjamin Salvosa III , Mercy
Nabong-de Guia, Josephine Dango, Noel Miranda , Philip Javier III
Dolly Ducepec

SIBS Communication Arts Series
(Levels I-IV)

Polishes students' communication arts skills as it kindles their fascination with English literature!

Authors: Avelina Gil
Coordinators-Authors: Marietta Aguado, Ma. Evalou Concepcion Angoluan, Aurora Koppin, Marla Papango, Carleen Sedilla, Araceli Villamin

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