Building Blocks to GMRC

Train learners to become literate in the English language!......Continue Reading


Juanita S. Guerrero


Juanita S. Guerrero

Level/s: Preschool

Building Blocks to GMRC

Train learners to become literate in the English language!

  • Provides an organized program for good manners and right conduct in preschool with two well-written worktexts:
  • Play and Learn GMRC with Rina (A) introduces pupils to Rina who is a role model of positive attitudes and good behavior.
  • Building Blocks to GMRC (B) expands application of the values taught in kinder using more challenging activities.
  • Follows a developmental approach in teaching values and positive attitudes among preschoolers
  • Builds up Filipino values that focus on love and concern for self, family, community; care for the environment; and love for God
  • Introduces pupils to the valuing process through activities that demonstrate exemplary behavior
  • Stresses “learning by doing” with activities that allow pupils to apply what they have learned in and beyond school situations

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